Passenger FAQs

Booking Related

※ I cannot find seats for the date I want

Seats may be booked on the official website, the app and in convenience stores up to 360 days from the booking date. (Different rules apply for flights to outlying islands during the lunar New Year or other holidays over 3 days) If your selected flight is displayed as “sold out or not yet available” and it is not part of a 3-day holiday (according to the Civil Aeronautics Administration embargo dates), then it is full.

※ Do booking payments have to be made immediately? Can I only pay with credit cards?

If the booking was made on the official website, app or in convenience stores, payment must be made immediately. Payment may be made with credit cards or LINE Pay on the official website and the app. Convenience stores (ibon and Famiport) accept credit cards and cash. If the booking was made through our customer service, you will receive a booking number. Go to the official website or the convenience stores to “purchase after reservation.” Please mind the issuance date provided by our customer service or your reservation might be canceled.

※ How can I book tickets for a group of more than 4?

Our official website、APP or convenience stores(7-ELEVEN and FamilyMart) accept a maximum of 4 passengers (excluded infant) for each booking. For more than 4 passengers, please make multiple bookings or feel free to contact our customer service hotline at 886-2-412-8008.

※ I booked the wrong date/flight, how can I change it?

You may adjust your itinerary at HERE. However, this online feature is unavailable for date/flight-limited tickets, tickets with more than 2 stopovers (i.e. mini-three-links) or unissued bookings.
You may contact the customer service at 412-8008 (dial 02 before the number if you are using a cell phone) or send booking details and requirements to our service inbox at service@mandarin-airlines.com. Our customer service will process the booking for you.

※ My itinerary was canceled, what is the processing fee for a refund?

You may apply for refunds at HERE. Processing fees vary according to the ticket type you purchased.
“Year Ticket”(including full-fare tickets, children’s tickets, senior tickets, outlying islands citizen tickets, etc.) Refund processing fee is 10%. “Promotion 1” Refund processing fee is 25% before take-off and 50% after. “Promotion 2” Refund processing fee is 25% before take-off. The ticket is voided after take-off, no refunds will be provided.

◎If your flight was canceled due to weather or other force majeure unrelated to the passenger, please fill in the reason in the “no processing fee” column. After approval by our customer service , you will receive your refund with no processing fee deducted.

Should you have any questions, please contact the customer service at 412-8008 (dial 02 before the number if you are using a cell phone) or send booking details and requirements to our service inbox at service@mandarin-airlines.com. Our customer service will process the booking for you.

Baggage Related

※ What is the weight limit for checked baggage? What is the fee for baggage exceeding the weight limit?

Each passenger has a free 10-kilogram checked baggage quota for domestic flights, including babies. Fees for overweight baggage vary according to flights routes, please visit HERE for details. (it is advised that you keep your checked baggage under 32 kilograms to prevent injuries to luggage personnel.)

※ Can I carry sunscreen sprays and other bottled cosmetics?

Liquids, gels and sprays for usage on the human body may all be placed in both carry-on and checked baggage. However, the contents of a single bottle must not exceed 500ML while the total contents must not exceed 2000ML.

※ Where should portable chargers, laptops, cameras, lighters and selfie sticks be placed?

「Portable chargers」may only be placed in carry-on baggage.
「Laptops」and「cameras」not exceeding 160WH may be placed in carry-on baggage. If you need to place them in checked baggage, the devices must be turned off and sealed properly in case they turn on accidentally.
「Spare lithium batteries」may only be placed in carry-on baggage. They must also be wrapped separately and kept out of contact with one another.
「Lighters」may only be placed in carry-on baggage. The limit is one per passenger. Wind-proof lighters are strictly forbidden.
「Selfie sticks」及「tripods」shorter than 60cm after collapse may be placed in carry-on baggage, otherwise they must be placed in checked baggage.

※ Can my cat or dog accompany me on my flight?

We don't allow animals to accompany with passengers on all  A-320 and B-738 flights.

Only guide dogs may enter passenger cabins. Other pets may only travel as checked baggage. If the total weight of the animal and the cage is less than 10kg, it is treated as 10kg. If it exceeds 10kg, actual weight applies. Please prepare a safe and secure cage without food or water. The cage must also include a base for catching droppings in case they fall out.

In compliance with the quarantine regulations, pet owners shall submit the following documents for carrying pets to Kinmen/Matsu.
a. Application form (to be completed on-site at the quarantine station in Kinmen/Matsu)
b. Pets which are more than 3 months old shall complete rabies vaccination at least 7 days prior to flight.
c. Pet registration certificate and pet must be implanted chip in advance.
● Please visit refer to website of Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan: Kinmen Branch, Matsu Branch

※ Can bicycles be transported as checked baggage? What are the fees?

Bicycles may be transported as checked baggage. Please inform the customer service that you wish to check bicycles when booking. Passengers are responsible for packaging the bicycle, protection of sharp points and deflation. Please check information HERE. Due to other cargo hold factors, whether your bicycle can be transported will be determined on-site by our ground personnel. Fees for regular checked baggage apply. Extra fees for bicycles exceeding 10 kilograms are calculated according to different flight routes.

※ I left my belongings on the airplane or at the boarding gate, what can I do?

Please call the airport service number to inquire. If it was lost on the plane, please call the service number of the airport you arrived at.
Songshan 02-2514-2077
Taichung 04-2615-5080
Kinmen 082-371-122
Magong 06-922-8692
Kaohsiung 07-805-7901
Hualien 03-821-0500
Taitung 089-362-676

Check-in Related

※ How much earlier do I need to arrive at the counter for check-in?

We start to provide check-in approximately 1 hour before take-off. Please check-in at the counter no later than 30 minutes before take-off. If you have special requirements (such as baggage that needs to take up seats, wheelchairs, hearing/visual disabilities, senior passengers or children that require a personnel escort to the boarding gate), please check-in 1 hour before take-off.All other domestic routes offer online check-in 24 hours-1 hour before take-off. After online check-in, you must still pick up your boarding pass 20 minutes before take-off.

※ What documents must be presented at check-in?

Adults may present government-issued national identification cards, NHI IC cards, driver’s licenses or other id documents with a photograph. If you are an outlying islands citizen ticket user, please present your national identification card or household registry at check-in.
Children under the age of 14 without government-issued id documents with a photograph may present household registries, NHI IC cards or other substitutes.

※ I am pregnant, can I still take an airplane?

Mothers pregnant for less than 32 weeks are treated as regular passengers. Mothers pregnant for over 8 months (32-36 weeks) must present a doctor-issued “Medical Information Sheet” one week prior to take-off. The words “expecting” and “suitable for travel” must be marked clearly on the information sheet. A “disclosure statement”must be signed by the pregnant mother or her spouse upon check-in. We do not accept mothers pregnant for over 36 weeks.

In-Flight Related

※ May I use my cell phone or laptop during the flight?

  • After all cabin doors are closed, passengers are allowed to use their cell phone, digital camera, tablet, or any other personal electronic device less than 1 kilogram if these devices are switched to flight mode which cut off WIFI and telephone functions.
  • Laptops may only be used once the aircraft reaches a height of 10,000 feet on international flights . Laptop usage is prohibited at all times on domestic flights .
  • After landing, cabin crew will make announcement for passengers to switch off flight mode of their mobile phones and to activate telephone as well as internet function.

※ May I bring my own baby carriage and wheelchair on the flight?

Baby carriages and wheelchairs may not be brought into the passenger cabin. You may transport your carriage (wheelchair) as checked baggage when checking in, then use a wheelchair supplied by the airports. You may also choose to give the carriage to ground personnel when boarding to transport it as checked baggage. Checked wheelchairs will be prepared for you upon landing; as for baby carriages, you may elect to pick it up at the cabin door upon landing or at the regular checked baggage pickup.

※ May I choose seats at the emergency doors?

To ensure passengers in these seats conform with civil aeronautics regulations, these seats will be arranged by counter personnel before take-off.
Passengers seated at emergency doors must be “over 15 years of age, possess no visual/hearing disabilities, possess enough stamina, strength and mobility to assist cabin crew with machine operation or passenger evacuation. They also cannot be the dependents of other passengers.”
If you are unable or unwilling to provide such assistance, please inform counter personnel and your seat will be changed.

※ Are meals served on flights?

A variety of drinks are served on all domestic routes.