Domestic Cargo

Domestic Cargo Services

Domestic Cargo Services


Mandarin Airlines offer cargo transportation services to all domestic destinations for you to deliver goods to your relatives or customers in the shortest time.

Before leaving for the airport cargo terminal, please check the following reminders:
While the full name and contact information of the recipient are required in the airway bill, please show our staff your citizen ID card, sign the shipping notice, and write your ID card number in the shipping notice to facilitate us to transport the cargo for you.
When shipping fragile goods, please sign the “Release and Waiver of Liability”.
To comply with our requirements, we will ask a recipient to show us their citizen ID card or the seal of the company/agency for goods collection. Before delivering or releasing the goods to a recipient, we will examine the name, address, and phone number with the recipient as indicted in the shipping notice.
Goods shipped today must be collected on the same day. Please check the opening times of our airport cargo terminal and confirm the collection time with the recipient before shipping. Should you miss the collection time, please directly contact our airport passenger transportation office.

Our cargo services at Taitung Airport are outsourced to Daily Air. If you wish to ship goods to this airport, please contact Daily Air for details.

Prohibited Items:

Real-time Cargo Tracking

Cargo Tracking: First-hand Information of Cargo Status
Note: This function applies only to domestic route airway bills.

Freight Rate (Effective from 30 APR 2022, same as baggage exceed fee)

Mandarin Airlines Domestic Routes CAA One-Way Freight
Songshan --- Kinmen NTD 18/kg
Kinmen --- Songshan NTD 17/kg
Songshan --- Magong NTD 16/kg
Magong --- Songshan NTD 15/kg
Songshan --- Taitung NTD 18/kg
Taitung --- Songshan NTD 18/kg
Taichung --- Kinmen NTD 17/kg
Kinmen --- Taichung NTD 16/kg
Taichung --- Magong NTD 12/kg
Magong --- Taichung NTD 11/kg
Taichung --- Hualien NTD 18/kg
Hualien --- Taichung NTD 18/kg
Kaohsiung ---Kinmen NTD 17/kg
Kinmen --- Kaohsiung NTD 16/kg
Kaohsiung --- Magong NTD 14/kg
Magong --- Kaohsiung NTD 13/kg
Kaohsiung --- Hualien NTD 17/kg
Hualien --- Kaohsiung NTD 17/kg
1. An order under 10kg will be charged at 10kg. An order over 10kg will be charged as net.
2. Freight includes business tax at 5%.
3. Sales tax free for Magong and Kinmen to Songshan and Taichung. The current freight for these routes does not include the business tax at 5% (round down to NTD 1).

Contact Information for Domestic Cargo Services