Airport Passenger Service

Check-in and Seat Selection

Time and Place of Check-in

  1. Check-in service is commenced 60 minutes before scheduled departure time. Please complete your check-in 30 minutes before flight departure time as we start to accept wait-list customer at the same time point.。
  2. We also provide self-service check-in approaches. All local citizens are recommended to use our KIOSK to check-in and select your seat on their own. Customers with confirmed booking and e-ticket association are eligible for our web check-in service. Please click for details.

Advice for Passenger Check-in

  1. All passengers are required to present at check-in counter an identity document containing a photo and the name in the document must be the same as the one on your flight ticket.
  2. Details of identity documents
    The “Identity Document” can be any identity documents containing a photo issued by a domestic or foreign government, such as the citizen ID card, NHI card, driver’s license, and passport. A household register or an transcript of household registration can serve as an identity document for minors under 14 years old. In case of any changes of regulations, the current aviation police regulations shall prevail.

Buying a ticket at check-in counter

  1. You can buy flight tickets at our check-in counter by cash (local currency only) or with credit card.
  2. Using expired, invalid or forged identity documents to buy a discount ticket is an illegal act. Please do not break the law.

Seat Selection

You can select a seat when you check in. We handle seat selecting according to the “first come first serve” policy. However, in consideration of the aircraft weight and balance and flight safety, we may not be able to fulfill all of your requirements in some situations. Please understand and cooperate. Please refer to the seat map for details regarding the cabin layout.

Exit row seats requirements

Definition: “Exit Row Seats” refer to seats with direct access to an emergency exit without penetrating the aisle or partition.

  1. The emergency exit seats of some aircraft are the first choice of frequent travelers as they have more leg space. To maintain cabin safety and abide by the civil aviation laws and regulations, we must confirm the eligibility of passengers before arranging these seats for you.
  2. For passengers to be arranged in the exit seat row, our counter staff will briefly explain to you the requirements for exit row seats. You must meet the following selection criteria, agree with such requirements, and provide the assistance in the event of an emergency as requested by cabin crew.
  3. After boarding, cabin crew will also brief these requirements to you. Should you have any doubts or unwilling to sit in these seats, you can express your intention, and we will immediately change a seat for you.
  4. Selection criteria:
    Please refer to the “Exit Row Seats Requirements” for detailed information.

Boarding Service

  1. For passengers completing check-in and security check, please proceed to the waiting lounge and locate your boarding gate at least 15 minutes before flight departure. In addition, please show your identity documents and boarding pass for examination upon boarding.
  2. Before boarding, we will make a boarding announcement and ask passengers with special needs (e.g., passengers using a wheelchair) or infants to board first. To maintain boarding gate clearance, please take our advice and follow the queue line to go through our boarding control.
  3. In compliance of safety requirements, please follow our instruction to adjust your personal electronic devices while boarding. We will help you to check in your carryon if it is too large or too heavy to be accommodated in the cabin baggage compartment. Excess baggage charge shall be collected if it exceeds your free baggage allowance.

Waiting list

When a flight is fully booked, you may be asked to put your name on a waiting list.

  1. You will be advised when to open listing at check-in counter. All waiting-list passengers are valid only on one day and one airport. If there are many flights for the same route, you only need to fill in the waiting list once.
  2. Members of the Dynasty Flyer Paragon Card, Emerald Card, and Gold Card should specify the type of card they hold in the “Card Type” column and show their cards when waiting for a flight to maintain their priority rights (waiting priorities: Dynasty Flyer Paragon Card, Dynasty Flyer Emerald Card, and Dynasty Flyer Gold Card).
  3. Please go to the counter to wait for the roll call 20 minutes before the flight departure time or after you hear the announcement. Passengers who do not respond after three calls will be considered as giving up their rights. If these passengers wish to be wait-listed again, they must fill their names in the waiting list again.

Baggage Service

Please note that all our airport offices or service counters do not accept any items (including those not allowed aboard) to be temporarily deposited by passengers as we assumes no liability to these items.

Carry-on baggage

  1. Suitcases, handbags, garment bags, or any portable luggage which can be brought into cabin as Carry-on baggage.
  2. Each passenger is allowed to carry one piece of carry-on baggage.
    Size limitation: 56cm*36cm*23cm (length*width*depth)
    Weight limitation: 7 kg / 15 pounds
  3. If any piece of carry-on baggage exceeds size and weight limits, the owner passenger shall be charged.
  4. In case of any items which are required to be removed from your carry-on baggage during security check process, Mandarin Airlines shall not be responsible for any custody or return of these items.

Personal belongings

  1. Small-size baggage that passengers carry for their own use through air journey will not be considered carry-on baggage. 
  2. These items include purses, handbags, overcoats, blankets, umbrellas, ordinary cameras, binoculars, reading material, small-size duty-free shopping, laptops, baby bottles and food for feeding infants during flight.
  3. Above items shall be securely placed in the seat pocket, not exceeding the top of seat back. In case of emergency or normal conditions, these items shall not slip out of the pocket.

Special items

  1. Items for special individual needs that must be carried into cabin shall be placed in the authorized area (such as the space underneath a seat or the overhead bin). The number of special items will not be counted in carry-on baggage.
  2. If a special item is too big to be placed underneath the seat or in overhead bin, such a item is required to be checked in immediately at boarding gate or shipside.
  3. Special items include:
    a. Walking sticks, crutches, prosthesis, and other devices for walking assistance
       (1) shall be placed in the overhead bin or underneath the seat.
       (2) shall not block the exits or aisles.
    b. Medical instruments or accessories, including transplant organs:
       (1) Above accessories place in cabin shall be placed in cabin in compliance with Mandarin Airlines Dangerous Goods Operation Procedures.
       (2) Medical instruments or accessories are not allowed to use during flight.
       (3) If any medical instrument is required to be placed on seat, the Cabin Seat Baggage Program (CBBG) shall be followed.
    c. Baby Bassinet
       (1) It is not allowed to use on board.
       (2) If there is no enough storage space on board, it must be checked in instead.
    d. Items with unpleasant smells
       In order to maintain service quality and ensure other passengers benefit and right, the items with unpleasant smells shall be declined. (e.g. durian)
    e. Fragile items
       To avoid accident of fragile items getting broken, which incurs  passengers injury or affects flight safety, please do not carry any fragile items without proper package into cabin.
    f. Alcoholic Beverage
       Restrictions for carrying glass-bottled alcoholic beverages in cabin:
    • Do not carry or check in alcoholic beverages over 70% v/v.
    • When carrying alcoholic beverages between 24-70% v/v, each pack shall not exceed 5 liters.
    • Each passenger can only carry or check in no more than 5 liters of alcoholic beverages.
    g. Large items/musical instruments
       If it is unable to be put underneath a seat or in the overhead bin, please accept our advice to and allow us    to handle it as cabin seat baggage, or to place it in the cargo compartment as checked baggage. Excess baggage    charge shall be collected in case passenger runs out of free baggage allowance.

Cabin Seat Baggage (CBBG ):

Cabin Seat Baggage (CBBG) refers to baggage secured in a seat purchased extra by passenger. CBBG categories are music instruments, box containers, and urn&jars. If the CBBG packaging does not meet our requirements, cannot be fixed in seats by seat belts, the owner passenger doubts the way we tie it up, or it exceeds acceptable size, Such CBBG shall be handled as checked baggage instead. In addition, we may reserve the right to deliver CBBG service.

  1. Passenger has to purchase additional ticket to get a seat for CBBG. This ticket entitles its owner passenger no free baggage allowance.
  2. Please make CBBG request to our reservation office at least 48 hours prior to flight departure to get confirmation in advance. The“ Cabin Seat Baggage Letter of Intent: ATR 738 Model” shall be completed as well. Our reservation agent will advise you of the aircraft type of your flight.
  3. After completing the form, please fax it to our office of your departure airport. Passengers must complete check-in 75 minutes before departure for international flights and 45 minutes before departure for domestic flights.
  4. The CBBG restrictions of flight model are listed below:

  5. Other CBBG restrictions:
    a. CBBG must be packed properly by passenger himself/herself; the package material must not be made of glass.
    b. Each seat can accommodate one complete packaged CBBG. If the width of CBBG exceeds the width of a seat, passenger may purchase tickets for a maximum of 2 seats for each piece of CBBG.
    c. In order to prevent the item from movement during flight, CBBG will be installed securely by AE/CI crew.
    d. Must not interfere with an emergency exit or the route of other cabins.
    e. Must not impede any passenger watching the seat belt demonstration, no smoking signs or exit signs.
    f. CBBG shall not contain dangerous goods and shall comply with the aviation security requirements (if accessories such as crescent blades, swords, or ritual implements may cause security doubts, passengers shall remove them or put them in the cargo cabin).
    g. Re-seating is not allowed for both passenger and his/her CBBG. CBBG must leave the plane the last after the flight arrives at the airport.
    h. For flights using the B738 aircraft of China Airlines, please read the “Cabin Seat Baggage Letter of Intent: 738" or Reservation office 。


Checked baggage

Please DO NOT put any spare lithium battery, power bank, safety matches, or lighter in your checked baggage.

  1. Each passenger is entitled free checked baggage allowance of 10kg when taking domestic flights. If the baggage total weight is over the allowance, the owner passenger will be charged for the excessive part. The Cargo Shipping Rates shall be applied to excess baggage charge. To avoid injuries to airport baggage handlers, we strongly recommend that any piece of your baggage DOES NOT exceed 25 KGs. In case of any piece of baggage exceeding 32 KGs, such baggage needs re-packing to meet baggage handler’s capability.
  2. For domestic flights, the baggage check-in counter may be separated from those ones for passenger check-in only. Please show your boarding pass and identity documents when checking in your baggage.
  3. Please do not check in baggage for anyone you do not know about or let such a person to check in baggage for you. Definitely pack your own baggage and complete check-in procedure in person.
  4. Please keep your baggage receipt securely to claim your baggage upon arrival.
  5. If you lost your baggage claim, please prepare the receipt of your boarding pass and identity documents to contact our ground staff or baggage service agent at your arrival airport.
  6. In order to avoid damage to your baggage or its contents during transport, we recommend that you pack your belongings in proper suitcases.
  7. Please do not put the following items into checked baggage: valuables, perishables, fragile items, securities, cash, jewelry, passports and other identification documents. If such an item in your checked baggage is found lost or damaged, Mandarin Airlines assumes no responsibility.
  8. Please make sure your checked baggage size is within the limitation of 180 cm (length+width+depth) or else it may not be acceptable to be loaded in our aircraft cargo compartment.
  9. Free allowances of checked baggage for passenger connecting international and domestic flights:
    In order to promote overseas tourists to extend their journeys to the our domestic flight destinations and to provide service consistency, the free checked baggage allowance shall be as follows:
    a.Passengers connecting Mandarin Airlines or China Airlines international and domestic flights with connecting time no more than 7 days, the free checked baggage allowance shall follow the one shown on the international flights ticket.
    b.Passengers taking non AE/CI international flight and transferring to AE domestic within 24 hours from their international arrival, and both international and domestic sectors are issued on one ticket, the free checked baggage allowance for their domestic flight follows the international one.
    c.If the above conditions are not met, the free checked baggage allowance for the domestic sector will be handled in accordance with AE baggage rules.
  10. We only accept 5 kilograms of gold paper per passenger, and the total shipping weight of each aircraft is 45 kilograms.


Special Checked Baggage

In consideration of size, bicycles, surf/windsurfing boards and electric wheelchair size shall meet the following requirements before check-in:

  1. Please make a request to our reservation call center no less than 48 hours prior to flight departure as an assessment in advance is required.
  2. The weight of such baggage shall not exceed 70 lbs (32 kg). Re-packing is required in case it is over 32kg.
  3. There is quantity limit to accept these kinds of special baggage. Please contact our reservation office to get acceptance confirmation.
  4. In order to avoid damage to your own baggage and to others, above items shall be packed properly.


1. A bicycle must be packed in a sturdy box or proper bike travel bag. Front wheel handle must be locked securely at right angle (90°), paddles should be removed or secured inwardly.
2. Tires shall be deflated.
3. Accessories of electronic devices (Ex: lighting equipment, stop watch, etc..) containing lithium battery are declined to be checked-in.
4. The maximum acceptable size is length* width* height: 160 cm*40cm*143 cm.
*Maximum quantity of bikes on ATR aircraft :4

Surfboard/Windsurfing Equipment

1. Each bag is allowed to accommodate two boards at most. The surfboards must be packed with appropriate protection to prevent it from damage through the whole air transportation process.
Surfboard must be properly encased in a suitable container to avoid being damaged.
2. Windsurfing equipment may include one windsurfing board, one mast, a wooden boom and a sail.

Due to limited loading space on ATR72-600 aircraft, the maximum acceptable quantity of Surfboards and Windsurfing Equipment amounts to 6 pieces per flight. Please contact our reservation office and inform us of weight and size of this sporting equipment to get confirmation.

Electric Wheelchair

  1. We offer free wheelchair service at all our domestic destinations. If an electric wheelchair needs check-in, please fill out “Electric Wheelchair Confirmation Form”(FMTZ-03-14) (and fax to 02-2545-1812, we will inform you as soon as possible after receiving your request.
  2. Size limitation of electric wheelchair on different aircraft type:
Aircraft Size of Cargo Door
B738 width 122cm height 89cm
Aircraft Size of Cargo Door
ATR length 95cm width 45cm height 120cm

*The checked-in motorized wheelchair is exceed above any dimension which is declined.

Pet Transportation

  1. Pet transportation as checked baggage requires more space in our aircraft and advance arrangement. Weight of each piece (including the container) must not exceed 45 kilograms, and each flight is limited to three containers.
  2. Please definitely contact the customer service center and complete booking no later than 1 day prior to scheduled flight departure time. Mandarin Airlines reserves the right to accept or reject pet animals based on cargo space availability. Pets without booking may be declined as appropriate space and aircraft are not available.
  3. Acceptance Rules:
    a. Not Acceptable:
       (1) Flights operated by aircraft of Boeing 737-800.
       (2) Pregnant pets or newborns under 10 weeks.
       (3) All fowls and birds.
       (4) Rodents, fish, reptiles, and species protected announced by the Ministry of Agriculture.
       (5) Animals with strong odors, venomous animals, and aggressive animals announced by the Ministry of Agriculture.
    b. Acceptable:
       (1) Only accept healthy, clean, and odor-free pets (e.g., dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, frogs, etc.) that can be legally and publicly purchased.
       (2) Quarantine regulations: According to the regulation from Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine, Council of Agriculture. When entering and leaving Kinmen and Matsu, owners of dogs and cats shall prepare the following documents to apply for inspection:
          a. Application form (to be filled out at quarantine station in Kinmen/Matsu)
          b. Pet registration certificate and pets must be implanted microchips
          c. Certificate for the rabies vaccination ( the vaccination date must be 7 days to 1 year earlier than the actual arrival date).
          d. For further information: Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine ,Council of Agriculture
           Keelung Branch Matsu Quarantine Station.
           Kaohsiung Branch Kinmen Quarantine Station.
       (3) Except for guide dogs, no pets are allowed in the passenger cabin and must be placed and secured in the cargo compartment.
  4. Container Requirements:
    a. Each container allows only one pet to accommodate.
    b. The container dimensions for different aircraft types must not exceed:
         ● ATR aircraft: 80 x 60 x 80 cm (length x width x height)
    c. Pet owners must prepare leak-proof, clean, safe, and sturdy container.
    d. Pet containers must allow pets to stand, turn around, and lie down and duly comply with International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations:
       (1) Only one door is allowed for entry and exit of the container, which can be latched and secured with a protective device to prevent pet from escaping or accidentally opening. The container shall be able to keep claws inside.
       (2) There must be three or more ventilation holes, but not on the handle side. These holes shall allow pet's conditions to be clearly seen from the outside.
       (3) Metal screws (not plastic) must secure the upper and lower layers of the container; Combination container (fixed with simple snap button or rotating screw) or pet suitcase are forbidden.
       (4) Minimum container size requirement based on the pet's size and weight:
          ● Length = A + 1/2 B (No less than the sum of pet body length plus half leg length.)
          ● Width = C x 2 (No less than twice width across shoulders.)
          ● Height = D (The container shall allow pet’s head not to touch the roof when pet is in standing position.)
          ● Container size for brachycephalic (snub-nosed) dogs should be increased by 10%.
          ● All pet containers must not exceed the size restrictions for the aircraft type of its flight.
    e. The container bottom must not damage the cargo hold floor and should have a leak-proof and water-resistant tray to collect animal waste, .
    f. Feeding and watering pets during transportation are prohibited; food or water is not allowed in containers, and no feeding bowls or water containers should be attached outside containers.
    g. Pets of turtles, frogs, and insects must be placed in dry and sturdy containers. (e.g., dedicated terrarium).
  5. Pet Transportaion Charge:
    (1) The pet and its container shall be charged by weight as excess baggage, which is not included in passenger’s free baggage allowance. Freight rates shall apply by route..
    (2) A total weight of less than 10 kg shall be charged as 10kg. Whereas the weight exceeding 10 kilograms shall be charged according to the actual weight.
  6. Liability:
    a. Passengers travelling with pets as checked baggage are required to sign the " Passenger’s Declaration for Live Animals (Baggage)" .
    b. Mandarin Airlines reserves the right to reject containers that do not comply with regulations.
    c. Pets as checked baggage are loaded in the aircraft cargo compartment where noise and changing temperature may influence pets. Although the checked pet meets the above mentioned requirements, in case of any escape, injury or mortality not caused by normal handling being conducted by Mandarin Airlines but due to its health conditions or poor packing, Mandarin Airlines is not liable for the compensation due occurred.

Valuables and Personal Important Effects

Mandarin Airlines will not assume the responsibility for any loss of, damage to or delay in the delivery of following valuable and personal important effects, which are included in your checked baggage:
a. Paintings, artwork, antiques, money, securities, optics, timepieces, natural fur products
b. Jewelry, precious metals/stones, silverware, collectibles, heirlooms and other irreplaceable items
c. photographic/audio/video equipment and related items, mobile phone and other communication equipments
d. computer hardware/software and electronic components/equipment, business equipment
e. Spirits, keys, medicines, drug, orthotics (surgical supports)
f. Manuscripts, blueprints, photographs, publications, negotiable papers, business/personal documents
g. business samples, commercial goods
h. Passports and other identification documents
i. Other similar valuables or commercial effects

Carrying lithium batteries, power banks, and Portable Electronic Devices with Lithium Batteries

Mandarin Airlines passenger departing from any airport around Taiwan shall meet the following requirements dealing with lithium battery.

  1. Spare lithium battery and power bank shall be protected individually to avoid short circuit; above items are forbidden in any checked baggage.
  2. Personal electronic devices that can be carried without airline approval : watches, mobile phones, and cameras.
  3. Items requiring for airline approval: Spare lithium batteries with power capacity at 100Wh-160Wh must be carried up to two pieces per passenger in the carry-on baggage.
  4. Any lithium battery with power capacity over 160Wh (except for electrical walking assistive devices) is prohibited aboard the plane.
  5. The lithium batteries contained in the following items must pass the tests specified in Section 38.3 in Part III of the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria and be allowed by the airline:
    a.Wheelchairs or other electronic mobility aids with lithium batteries.
    b.Equipment with a security device.
    c.Portable electronic medical equipment.
  6. Please refer to the Requirements for Passenger Carrying Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs)
  7. Please refrain from charging any electronic devices with power bank during flight.

Prohibited Goods

Referring to Civil Aeronautics Agency (CAA) of the Republic of China, the following items are strictly prohibited in any passenger baggage to ensure flight safety.

  1. Explosives: Such as fireworks, firecrackers, and flares.
  2. Compressed gases: Such as gas tanks, diving cylinders, spray paints, insecticides, etc.
  3. Flammable items: Such as gasoline and diesel, paints, perfumes, etc.
  4. Oxidation items: Such as bleach (liquid or powder) and industrial hydrogen peroxide.
  5. Toxic substances and contagious items: Such as insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, activated filterable virus.
  6. Radioactive items.
  7. Corrosive items: Such as concentrated acid, concentrated alkaline, mercury, and lead-acid batteries.
  8. Briefcases and small spinners with anti-theft devices.
  9. Tasers: Dangerous goods containing explosive pressured gases or lithium batteries.
  10. Others: Such as magnetized items (strong magnets and grounding speakers), irritable items (personal protection sprays), all kinds of guns and weapons (non-official uses).
  11. Liquid oxygen: Devices containing liquid oxygen are not allowed carry-on, hand-carry, or checked baggage.
  12. Security-threatening items.

Dangerous goods

Items that may threaten flight safety and cannot be carried on the aircraft in the carry-on baggage or by passengers and that must be carried in the checked baggage. Please refer to the Table for details.


Liability Release Notice for Checked Baggage:
We would like to assure you that Mandarin Airlines makes every possible effort to take care of your checked baggage. However, it is impossible to avoid certain minor damages incurred during transportation and handling under normal circumstances for reasons beyond our control. In order to protect your baggage, we suggest that a cover layer or appropriate baggage should be used. We would like to advise that Mandarin Airlines is not liable for the following minor damages and baggage irregularities, which are beyond our control:

  1. Minor damages to suitcase
    a. Defects in the material of baggage itself or aging after use such as lock and handle
    b. Minor dents in the frame or shell
    c. Protruding parts such as belts and zippers
    d. Baggage polluted by hidden items
  2. Baggage irregularity
    a. Over-sized or over-packed heavy weight baggage
    b. Content damage due to inadequate packing of baggage
    c. Fragile or perishable items included in the baggage
    d. Baggage abrasion or attrition
    e. Valuables and important personal effects in checked baggage
  3. Damage
    We have contracted suitcase repair services at major airports. These services provide door-to-door delivery of repaired or replacement suitcase. Mandarin Airlines is responsible for appropriate repair or replacement costs. If your baggage is found to be damaged, please contact our staff or handling agent at arrival airport.
  4. Compensation
    The amount of compensation for damaged baggage is subject to the following:
    a. Carry-on baggage: A personnel can claim compensation for damage caused by the negligence of Mandarin Airlines at a maximum of NT$20,000.
    b. Checked baggage: Calculated based on the actual, with a maximum of not more than NT$1,000/kg.
  5. International Flights: Mandarin Airlines international flights cooperate with China Airlines, please refer to China Airlines official website: Baggage Information.