Our Fleet Information

Fleet Profile / E190


Mandarin Airlines began introduced the brand new fleet of E190 aircraft made manufactured by Embraer S.A. All electronic systems in June 2007, including the navigation, service and communication systems, on the E190 are equipped with the modularized computer integrated system (hardware and software integrated in one module for update and maintenance in greater flexibility) to simplify aircraft maintenance. Currently, Mandarin Airlines operates six E190’s flying domestic, cross-strait, and international routes.

  • Features of the E190 Fleet
    1. 1. Safe: Newest aeronautic navigation and aviation systems.
    2. 2. Spacious: Cabin space is as specious as large aircrafts.
    3. 3. Comfortable: 2X2 leather seats, dual rows of window/aisle seats.
    4. 4. Quiet: Jet engines with lower noise bring a quieter inflight environment.
  • E190 Seat Map

Fleet Profile / ATR72-600


The introduction of 9 all-new ATR72-600 will increase the overall carrying capacity of the Mandarin Airlines on domestic routes. The provision of more frequent services and more seats will help boost customer satisfaction. The entire fleet optimization plan is expected to be completed by 2020. With the introduction of the new ATR fleet, Mandarin Airlines is flying more international and cross-strait routes. The improvement to carrying capacity and dispatching flexibility will expand the profit niche for the China Airlines Group.

  • Features of the ATR72-600 Fleet

The new ATR72-600 passenger aircraft has 70 seats and a seat pitch of 30". The genuine leather seats, designed in the Nordic minimalist style, are light, sturdy and ergonomic. The cockpit features advanced electronic instrumentation with full LCD screens and the latest navigation systems greatly enhance flight safety and control. Propulsion is provided by Pratt-Whitney PW127M engines and high-performance propellers that improve fuel-efficiency to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.


  • Flight Time and Last Service Record of the E190 and ATR72-600 Log
Flight No Year (years) Total Flight Time Last Service Record
B-16821 10.52 21658:11  2017/Nov/14
B-16822 10.44 21294:51  2017/Dec/11
B-16823 10.27 21444:51  2017/Dec/29
B-16827 9.44 20111:02  2017/Oct/20
B-16828 9.35 19930:56  2017/Dec/25
B-16829 8.35 18667:53  2017/Dec/18
B-16851 0.08 166:17 N/A
B-16852 0 138:26 N/A
B-16853 0 17:15:00 N/A