In flight Service

Safety Regulations

Please be advised that it is a legal requirement that you follow the instructions of our crew members at all time. The following advice will help you remain safe throughout the flight.

Cabin Baggage & Personal Belongings

All loose items, including handbags and shoes you may have removed, must be stowed for take-off and landing under the seat in front of you or in the compartment provided. Observing published baggage size and weight limitations is essential for your safety and comfort during this flight. Mandarin Airlines takes the safety of its passengers and crew seriously. Passengers are strongly recommended to check in any cabin bags that they would not be able to lift into the overhead compartments. Any cabin baggage in excess of the allowable size or weight limits will be loaded with checked baggage. Please take care when opening and closing the overhead compartment to ensure the items inside do not fall out. Please close the compartment after use.

Fastening Seat Belts

According to the Civil Aviation Laws of the ROC, it is a requirement that you keep your seat belt fastened while seated.

Regulations on Abusive and Unruly Behavior

Mandarin Airlines absolutely does not tolerate any unruly behavior onboard that may jeopardize safety. Any person in violation of such regulations shall be fined. According to CAA regulation 119-2, any persons smoking in the on board lavatory will be subject to a fine of $30,000 NTD up to $150,000 NTD. A fine of $10,000 NTD to $50,000 NTD will be incurred for any of the following actions:
1. Failure to comply with any instructions given by the pilot-in-command for purposes of maintaining order and safety on board the aircraft.
2. Consuming alcoholic substances or medicine that disrupts the order and/or safety on board.
3. Smoking in the cabin.
4. Tampering with any smoke detectors or safety devices without authorization.

Avoid Excessive Alcohol Consumption Onboard

Alcohol will not be served to passengers under 18 years of age. Consumption of alcoholic beverages brought from outside the aircraft or duty free purchases onboard is prohibited. Mandarin Airlines reserves the right to decline service of alcoholic drinks to any passenger who appears to be inebriated.

Usage of Electronic Devices On Board


Please be advised that it is a legal requirement that you follow the instructions of our crew members at all time.
The following advice will help you remain safe throughout the flight.

Usage of Electronic Devices On Board

After completion of safety analysis and determining that there is no interference with the aircraft navigation or communication system during all phases of flight, Mandarin Airlines has allowed the expanded use of portable electronic devices (PEDs) onboard in accordance with relative civil aviation rules as of September 1, 2015. Violation of these regulations will result in imprisonment of up to 5 years, detention or a fine of a maximum of NT$150,000.

Passengers should follow the safety regulations of the Mandarin Airlines:

  1. All passengers are required to comply with cabin announcements after the cabin door has closed, by switching all PEDs such as smartphones, tablets or laptops to airplane/flight mode or by turning them off.
  2. Instructions concerning PEDs usage will be announced by the cabin crew after the aircraft has touched down and left the active runway.
  3. PEDs with radio transmitting functions that can’t be turned off or set to airplane/flight mode are prohibited throughout the flight. These devices include various radio transmitting devices such as remote-controlled toys and non-smartphones that may have direct interference with the aircraft’s navigation, communication, and control system.
  4. Cabin crew may request passengers to turn off PEDs if the item in question cannot be identified as in airplane/flight mode, or is suspected to be interfering with the aircraft avionic systems.
  5. To avoid impeding emergency evacuation, PEDs cables must be stowed securely; PEDs that can’t be hand-held or stowed in the seat pocket are strictly prohibited during taxing, taking-off and landing.
  6. To avoid impeding emergency evacuation and potential injury from unexpected turbulence, PEDs should be stowed in the following manner:
    • PEDs less than 1kg may be hand-held or stowed in the seat pocket.
    • PEDs more than 1kg should be stowed in the overhead compartment during taxiing, take-off and descent below 10,000 feet.
    • Laptop usage is prohibited at all times on flights below 10,000 feet.
  7. The usage and charging of electronic cigarettes is prohibited at all times.
  8. The volume of PEDs should be kept at a level so as not to disturb others.
  9. Passengers requiring use of medical-portable electronic devices (M-PEDs) in-flight must apply to Mandarin Airlines 48 hours before the departure date and provide a doctor’s certificate of diagnosis. Please note that the devices available for use are limited to specifications approved by Civil Aeronautics Administration.
  10. Please refer to the website of Mandarin Airlines for more safety information.